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Custom Arrows by Ed DeWitt

Want something special for your bow hunts? How about 12 handcrafted custom arrows from master arrowmaker Ed Dewitt?

You won't find these in any store, and each arrow is worthy of hanging on the wall.

One dozen custom arrows is $120 plus shipping.
For info and total price, contact Ed Brochin, then use the PayPal button below:

Signature Series Big Cat Fishing Rods

The Ultimate Big Cat Safaris Signature Series Rods by Eddie Brochin. Designed for the serious angler or professional catfisherman. Add a blacklight for night time glow in the dark action. Available in light/medium, medium/heavy and heavy. $30 for shipping.

If you take your sport seriously do not settle for second best. These rods will out perform any rod on the market.

Description Price


Light/Medium $155.00
Medium/Heavy $165.00
Heavy $175.00

The Anchor Manager

A New Anchor Management System

The Anchor Manager is the most innovative maritime product ever invented for those fishermen who like to fish below the dams in the tail waters of our rivers and reservoirs. It allows you to adjust the length of your anchor rope with a slight pull of the safety cord to keep the boat from being pulled downwards in the event of rising waters.
A must for every fisherman who likes to anchor up in waters with heavy current.

Purchase The Anchor Manager with 3 standard rope lengths or
build one with your own custom rope length

Description Price  
The Anchor Manager with 50ft. of rope
The Anchor Manager with 75ft. of rope
The Anchor Manager with 100ft. of rope
The Anchor Manager with custom length of rope
($0.50 per additional foot)      Total Length feet
All orders will have an additional shipping charge of $9.95
Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery

Gut Wrench


Gut Wrench is the fast, easy and clean way to gut your bird in the field!

A gutted bird cools faster, tastes better and is easier to finish cleaning.


  • Small - Duck
  • Small - Pheasant
  • Medium - Goose
  • Large - Turkey

Duck Commander approved, and endorsed by the National Wild Turkey Federation.

Description Price


Gut Wrench $21.95 to $24.95
Gut Wrench Options

Tree Locker

Allow immediate and easy access to all of your treestand hunting essentials. No more riffling through zippered pockets or digging to the bottom of your pack. Wear it as a backpack to the tree stand; the pack is equipped with an adjustable tree attachment system that fits most trees. Don't leave anything behind. Some of the many features include a protective inner and outter shell, a weather shield, a cooler, bow and rifle carry, modular internal compartments, and stretch GPS / cell phone pockets on the shoulders.

Order now, and get a free beanie!

  • Immediate access to your tree stand hunting essentials
  • Large outer pockets
  • A protective internal honeycomb frame
  • Compression molded backpanel that contours the tree
  • Adjustable tree attachment system
  • Bow / rifle carrying system
  • Compatible with the KHG utility belt / annex fanny pack
  • Large Cooler Pocket for Food, and Drink
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • 18 x 12 x 6 inches approximately 1300 cu. in.
Description Price


Tree locker $217
Choose your camo
Choose your camo

Still Hunter

This pack allows you to quietly enter your favorite hunting spot. Hunt for as long as you like. When you need a break, just remove the pack and have a seat. Find a good spot along an active game trail and be comfortable for hours.

Order now, and get a free beanie!

  • Large capacity main compartment
  • Integrated aluminum frame chair
  • All pockets are accessible while seated
  • Hydration bladder compatible
  • Mesh pockets for cell phone, GPS, or game calls on each padded shoulder strap
  • Bow / rifle carrying system
  • Padded side pocket and mesh water bottle pocket
  • Insulated side cooler pocket for food and drinks
  • Padded shoulder straps and backpanel
  • Compatible with Keyes Hunting Gearâ„¢ Utility Waist Belt
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • 285 cu. in. Side pockets
  • 17 x 10 x 7 inches - 1200 cu. in.
  • Approximate total = 1485 cu. in.
Description Price


Still Hunter $150
Choose your camo

Hand Warmer Pocket Belt

Silent and fast access to warm your hands. Maintain dexterity in spite of the numbing effects of the cold. No need to rely on cumbersome gloves. The fleece lined warmer pocket is made for charcoal hand warmers.

Order now, and get a free beanie!

  • Central, polar fleece lined hand warmer pocket
  • Can be used with charcoal hand warmers
  • Side pockets for your essentials
  • Daisy chain lashing system
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • 11 x 7 x 6 inches: 700 cu. in.
Description Price


Hand Warmer Pocket Belt $50
Choose your camo

Utility Waist Belt

This item can be used to ergonomically support many backpacks. Or, drop your overloaded pack and go minimal. The Utility Pocket Waistbelt still accommodates your bear spray, binos, GPS, flash lights, emergency kit, field dressing gear, and many other items on its own without loading you down.

Order now, and get a free beanie!

  • Large volume pockets are easily accessible while worn
  • Adjustable to fit most waistlines
  • Daisy chain loops allow you to lash your gear securely
  • Removable and padded electronics pockets
  • Removable Annex Fanny Pack (sold separately)
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • 11 x 8 x 3 inches: 525cu. in.
Description Price


Utility Waist Belt $60
Choose your camo


  Description Price


Cliff Zwickey - Screw On - 175 Grains
Cliff Zwickey - Taper Glue On - 140 Grains
Judo Point - Screw On - 100 Grains
Judo Point - Screw On - 125 Grains
Judo Point - Taper Glue On - 135 Grains
No Mercy - Screw On - 165 Grains
No Mercy - Taper - 130 Grain

If you have any questions, please contact us for additional information.

Remember, "Reality Is Wild!".



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